If you’re here, chances are you’ve seen one of my videos...

In a nutshell, the Short Skate Film uploads are a series of videos in which I get to showoff the inspirationally, uterally amazing, lesser-known Skateboard talent that I have met along the way. These people not only put up with me and my "Again, I need another angle" filming, but allow me to create completely as I wish - which is important to me.

Whether it be filmed in Los Angeles - Reading, PA - Villa Park, IL or Barcelona, Spain - nearly every skate video I have ever shot has been on my dime.

Sponsored or not - My goal is to keep these videos not only FREE to you, but also free of extensive commercial branding. So in order to keep it that way I am setting up this page for anyone that would like to donate to help continue these projects along. Any money collected will strictly go to the next non-commercial project I shoot.

My plan is to send donors non-youtube-posted clips in the future (extra footage, falls, etc..) as a small thank you. Feel free to shoot me ideas or requests.

Any amount, no matter how small, will be more than appreciated.

Much much Love, Brett.